The Herbal Way!

30 Days to an Herbal Lifestyle

When it’s time for you to for yourself
…tend to others
…relax and rejuvenate
…nourish your body
…support illness

Do You Follow an Herbal Way?

Do You Follow
The Herbal Way?

Our lives are richer with healthful, nurturing plant allies. Get started on the plant path today!

THE HERBAL WAY IS SEASONAL. To be in relationship with healing and beneficial plants means to be in tune with the cycles of nature. Following the natural rhythms of Earth and Ecosystem brings us back closer to the way our bodies are meant to live.

Now with the changing Spring season, our instincts are to renew our whole selves through reconnecting with the natural world. We can throw open the windows, enjoy the fresh air and know that it's the perfect time to bring more healing plants into our kitchen and the rest of our home.

THE HERBAL WAY IS NATURAL. Creating an herbal lifestyle can feel overwhelming at first, not knowing where to start. Without the knowledge or experience, it seems unattainable and perhaps, unaffordable. You aren't an herbalist. You don't live in the country or have a green thumb. How could this work for you?

Luckily you don’t need to meet all these conditions to follow The Herbal Way.  There are so many different ways to connect with the helpful plants all around you regardless of where you live or how much you know about herbs. 

THE HERBAL WAY IS COMMUNITY.  I created The Herbal Way so that people with a desire to live an herbally-inspired life can have a guided pathway to success! I know that going it alone is hard and confusing. By joining The Herbal Way, you have the guidance and community you need. Scroll down to find out more!

Live with the Seasons, Connect with the Plants and Create the Herbal Home You Desire!

Let’s face it, the options available to us in drug stores don’t usually deliver on their promises of health. It is like placing a bandage over a gushing wound. While natural foods stores offer better choices, they are expensive! It’s hard to focus on self care when we’re worried about spending that much money every month.

Making your own herbal products can solve these problems!

BUT... There are lots of QUESTIONS that come up when you first start on an herbal journey
 - How do I properly prepare, filter, store and use these for myself?
 - Which plants should I choose?
 - How much plant material do I need for each type of extract?
 - Where is the best place to get herbs?
 - What brand and potency of extractants should I use?
 - How do I avoid making mistakes??

If you’ve felt intimidated to take the first step toward brewing up the things you need to support your own wellness, then the Herbal Concoctions Workshop is for you! With Alison as your guide, you will gain not just skills and knowledge, but the self-confidence to fill your shelf with homemade herbal products to help you take better care of yourself and your family. 

This workshop is for anyone who has a  fear of “messing up” , "doing it wrong" or is otherwise unsure where to start. Don't just guess or try to figure it out from a recipe! Get the hands on help you need. Our ancestors didn't have a drug store. They used wild plants for their health - and we can too! We only need to remember how. That's what this workshop will teach you.

The Herbal Concoctions Workshop is educationally focused. We won't be able to solve everyone's personal health issues during the workshop. However, with a little research and time, you can easily decide what herbs are best for you. And when you do - you'll be armed with the skills and knowledge to create the concoctions that can put you on a path to improved health!

What is The Herbal Way?

Weedy Wellness is the Foundational Course in the Herbal Body Bundle. It provides the essential skills and knowledge needed for an herbally-inspired lifestyle!
Value: $495

 - 6 Live (2+ hour) Sessions on Zoom
 - Supporting videos and other materials for each lesson
 - Private community of course participants for sharing and caring!
SESSION 1. Introduction.
The Benefits of "Re-Weeding" Your Life.
    -  Why Weeds? How will this help you daily and over the long term.
    - Course Outline: Steps to bringing weeds and herbals into your life
    - Supplies and Equipment
    - Top 20 List of Essential Herbs and Weeds
SESSION 2.  Gathering Weeds and Wild Plants
Collecting wild plants requires several important prerequisites including knowledge of
    - Proper Identification. How do I know I have the right plant?
    - Seasonality. When are plants are ready to be harvested?
    - Life cycle. Root, shoot, flower and seed. What part do I use?
    - Location. Where do I look for plants (and where NOT to look)
SESSION 3. Processing Plant Material
Harvesting is only the first step in the re-weeding journey. Plants need to be prepped and processed to retain their best properties. There are lots of tips and tricks!
    - To dry or not to dry
    - Proper storage of your stash to retain vitality (and prevent problems)
    - Processing roots and flowers and leaves (Oh My!)
    - Creating a space in your home for your new found allies
SESSION 4. Brewing Tea
Now that you have a beautiful plant stash to work with, how do you incorporate these into your daily health routine? One of the most nourishing and satisfying ways to consume herbs is creating tea blends.
    - How to play with ratios to create a tea you will love
    - Grouping herbs for differing benefits (relaxation, energy, etc)
    - The parts method for measuring herbs
SESSION 5. Plant Extracts
There are many other ways to get the benefits of herbs in addition to tea. Herbal Extracts have long been used as an effective means of - as the name says - extracting the healing properties of plants. We'll learn about:
    - The cottage herbalist method of creating extracts.
    - Choosing your menustrum
    - Preparing plant material for extracting
    - What was that again? Proper labeling!          
SESSION 6. Putting it Together
In this final will help you easily incorporate your new found friends into your daily routine.
    - Creating habits of using herbs.
    - Organizing your apothecary
    - Living with the seasons. 
    - Celebrate our success!

Making Healing Salves
Interactive Workshop
(Two Sessions)

 The Herbal Way is a 30-day path to an herb-focused lifestyle, designed to create the habit of reaching for a delicious, healing or helpful plant throughout all parts of your day.

The Herbal Way is for those who wish to get on the plant path--simply and easily--and move toward living life in relationship with plants.

It's how our ancestors did it and we can reclaim this way of living for ourselves.

The Herbal Way is organized into three, 10-day segments and includes 4 LIVE Zoom meetups.

The Herbal Way program guides you through the steps of intending and connecting with the ways of bringing herbs into your daily life that makes the most sense for you!

 - Do you Cook? Garden? Craft? Hike?
All the things you love can be made even better when you add an herbal twist!
The Herbal Way is a step by step program that leads you through 4 stages of becoming more herbal.
- We start with PLANTING THE SEEDS by preparing and clearing space for the plants to be in our lives.
 - Next we tend to our new herbal lifestyle by WATERING THE SPROUTS through daily small actions that create desirable habits.
 - Now we're getting in the groove and actually TENDING THE PLANTS, i.e, experiencing the sensory goodness that comes from naturally infusing herbs and healing plants into our routines.
 - Finally, it's time to SMELL THE FLOWERS with our final celebration!

Join The Herbal Way for $57

BONUS 1: Herbal Concoctions Course
Over 5 hours of pre-recorded content. $197 Value

The Herbal Concoctions course teaches you how to begin, infuse, filter and store the different types of extracts you need for your personal herbal pantry. We'll be working with 5 different extractants because each type of liquid brings out a different property of the plant.
    - alcohol
    - vegetable glycerine
    - vinegar
    - honey
    - olive oil
During the 5 session course, I share the essential techniques so you can:
  - Avoid common mistakes when creating your own products.
 - Understand the basic steps of extract creation.
 - Gain the personal confidence to experiment with new combinations.
 - Save money by creating your own remedies!

Herbal Way Members will have exclusive access to a specific group within the Cultivated Life Community. Here we can share our successes, questions and support with others who are committed to clearing space and creating an herbal home.

BONUS 3: The Herbally-Inspired Fall Kitchen
Challenge Recordings! $97 Value

The Herbally-Inspired Fall Kitchen Challenge recordings are packed with 3 hours of great content that you can revisit. They will be available for you to watch in the course portal.

BONUS: The Essential Guide to Herbal Tea

This easy to follow guide will help you begin blending your very own teas.  This pdf guide, created by Alison,  will get you started and well on the way to incorporating healing and relaxing teas into your every day routines. 

We won't be covering this in the Herbal Concoctions Workshop - but it's such an important part of your home apothecary!

Receive a 1 on 1 consultation w/Alison.
Includes two, 1-Hour coaching sessions!
VALUE: $295
Only 4 Sessions Available!

30-Day Program & Community
 for only $57!!

Scroll Down for More Details


How Does the Herbal Way Work?

The Herbal Way is a 30-Day guided experience that will inspire you to create an herbal home and lifestyle. There are 4 LIVE Zoom sessions (see schedule below) + daily  activities and ideas. One tip "goes live" each day starting April 6,  in the Herbal Way groupwithin the Cultivated Life Community (CLC). Just log on to see the daily tips and access the Zoom sessions.

Is there a Payment Plan?

Not for this workshop. ou can pay in full for $97 OR choose the 2-payment option to get enrolled for just $60. Your second $60 payment will be due a month from your sign up date. Select which plan you prefer on the check out page.

Should I Do All of the Activities?

Maybe. It's up to you how deep you wish to go in creating your herbal lifestyle. But if you follow the tips I give you, by the end of the thirty days you will have created a whole new space in your home and in your life - for nurturing, delicious and healing herbs. 

Do I Have to Do Something Every Day?

No! I am sending one tip per day so that you can keep yourself thinking of and moving toward the desire you committed to.  You may decide that you want to wait until the weekend to group activities, gather supplies and so on. This is your Herbal Way so do what works best for you.

How Much Time Will it Take?

Each of the daily activities varies in depth and commitment. During the first segment, you are setting up a space, shopping for supplies and getting organized. This can take a bit of extra time. Segments 2 & 3 are all about creating habits and making herbs a part of your daily routine. At first, this can take time--to think and plan--but by the end of our 30 days together, you'll be automatically using herbs just like brushing your teeth or making a meal.

What if I Miss a LIVE Session?

The LIVE sessions are for getting inspired, meeting others and...(ahem) a bit of accountability! Nothing is "required" and they will all be recorded and available in the Herbal Way group.

The Details.

- All LIVE sessions will be recorded and accessible for replays via the Herbal Way  Group.

 - The live sessions are:
April 6 @ 7:30pm ET - Planting the Seeds (Kickoff)
April 16 @ 3:00 pm ET - Watering the Sprouts
April 26 @ 7:30 pm ET - Tending the Plants
May 6 @ 3:00 pm ET - Smelling the Flowers Celebration!

 - A suggested herb + supply list will be available to download in the course portal.

 -  During the 30 days of the The Herbal Way, the group will be open and active for sharing, questions and wins.

- The entire program for only $57!

What is the Guarantee?

While I am CONVINCED you will love this set of trainings, it may not be for everyone.
Attend the first half of the workshop and if you truly decided it's not for you, I will refund your money!

More About Alison

Hello! I'm Alison. I'm an herbalist, ecologist and holistic wellness coach who loves all things botanical, herbal and green! Decades ago I began living the Herbal Way by following a plant journey that led me to the herbally-inspired life I now live.

What does that look like? It’s the daily practice of  infusing beneficial herbs into all aspects of my lifestyle: what I eat, my personal care and my environment.

Living an herbally-inspired life allows me to enjoy the sensual experiences that plants provide: the scent of an aromatic herb, the taste of a well-flavored meal, the beauty and textures of living plants in my environment.

As an herbalist and gardener, I know the deep healing that comes from tending. We care for the plants and they care for us. Incorporating beautiful, nutritious and healing plants into our daily lives gives us an earth-centered and grounding connection that we all need in this fast-paced, tech-focused world.

I love living an herbally-inspired life and I know you will love it too! Let's get started on creating YOUR Herbal Way. !

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Is this the Right Course For Me?

This Course IS for you if...

You love to garden and want to learn more about nourishing plants

You are health conscious and want to boost your intake of nourishing herbs and healing plants.

You love nature and recognize that it provides many healing weeds but aren't sure how to get started gathering.

You like to cook and incorporate new flavors and foods into your meals.

You support local farms and markets and want to start providing some of your own food.

You are curious about herbal remedies and want to find out more. 

This Course is NOT for you if...

You think you will learn about Cannabis (a great weed with all sorts of health benefits but not part of this course).

You don't have an interest in getting outside to explore the world around you.

You are looking for a pill or potion to "fix" a health concern.

You don't want to be part of an interactive, live class and community.
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